A Reflection of You.

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? The second rainbow is actually a refection of the first but the colors are reversed. It’s the same idea as looking into a mirror. As a parent or a care giver of little ones most everything you say or actions you take are copied by the youngster in your care. You may not realize they are learning your behaviors. The next time they misbehave or have an attitude consider if they are simply being a refection of you. They have learned a behavior from viewing you in a similar circumstance. For instance, if you are yelling at the car in front of you because the driver is irritating you, and then you notice your little one yelling at a friend because they are irritating them, think BINGO: a refection of me. Ouch. Of course that is the same  when you are kind and say thank you to the server at the restaurant. Then when you notice your little one is doing the same thing  and  you say…”awe, how cute.”  You should think: BINGO, a reflection of me. If you want to know how you are doing in your spiritual arena, just look at your refection…your child. Be the person you want them to be. Lead by example.

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