Those words of defeat- they slithered into my soul.
I felt them cut deep and try to take control.

“I know you so well,” the lying voice tried to boast.
“You cannot get up, you’re defeated; you’re toast.

You forget I know your fear, your faults, your past
This hope you speak of will die; it won’t last.

I hung my head low as I listened again.
It all sounded so empty, so hopeless, so grim.

“Maybe he’s right,” I began to agree.
“Why do I try? What’s wrong with me?”

As I began to sink deeper into that dark abyss,
I heard a small voice I couldn’t resist.

At first the voice seemed faint, I didn’t hear it real clear.
I shut out the other that spoke with a sneer.

“There is hope.” I heard the kind voice say to me.
“My sheep hear my voice that will set your heart free.”

Quit listening to lies, forget your mistakes of the past.
I am the author of hope and life that will last.

I healed all your wounds and know of your lack.
I’ve thrown out your sin. Don’t invite shame or fear back.”

I realized the truth and proclaimed,  “You are right.
I don’t belong to darkness. Devil get out of  my sight!”

That soft voice got louder vibrating my soul.
The defeated voice screamed as it lost all control.

I lifted my head, I lifted my voice,
I lifted my hands as I began to rejoice.

I’m a child of God. I’m a child of the King.
My heart seemed to dance. My lips began to sing.

I’m bought by the blood. My chains have been broken.
I’m bought with a price. The Lord God had spoken.

The words that I heard weren’t said just for me.
They were said for us all.

You too can be FREE!

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