This seems like the perfect time in history to review a book written over 40 years ago. In the 1974 edition, when the first copy was printed, perhaps the readers might have thought that the author, David Wilkerson, was a bit over dramatic and maybe even a doomsday prophet. But reading it again today some of it seems like reading yesterday’s news.

Wilkerson claims that he had a vision from the Lord in 1973. During a time of prayer he witnessed several events that would befall our world. In the book of John Jesus talked to his disciples about things that would happen in the future. His purpose of foretelling events was so they would believe. “I am telling you now before it happens so that when it does happen you will believe that I am who I am.” John 13:19

Perhaps that is also why God gave Wilkerson these visions. I want to give a brief update of where we might stand today and then pull out a few points that he makes in the chapters he has written.

  1. Economic Confusion
    Economic confusion seems to be an understatement. We have watched the news regarding the financial despair hitting several countries in Europe. The debt in Greece caused great fear and riots, which in turn is causing panic to other countries. South America has been hit as well. The economic crisis in Venezuela has an inflation rate of 400% according to Today I see in the news that Puerto Rico is also facing a debt disaster. The United States isn’t left behind. According to the U.S is just under 20 trillion dollars in debt. We have experienced a housing bubble collapse and watched unemployment rise.“I see total economic confusion striking Europe first and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada and all other nations shortly thereafter.” (pg 15)Wilkerson explains that there will be short-lived booms accompanied by a sense of uncertainty. He states that the riots he sees regarding the financial crisis will be bigger than the riots that were present in the sixties. Social aid programs will be cut causing more unemployment. Other countries will blame the United States which will in turn cause a shift in economic power.“A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.” Proverbs 27:12 (pg 29)

  2. Drastic Weather Changes and Earthquakes.
    Strange weather has plagued our world for eons. It isn’t anything new to hear about horrific floods, or earthquakes or tsunamis or even volcanos. Where were you May 18, 1980? That was when Mt. St. Helen’s exploded. And remember the tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean and took over 230,000 people’s lives? Tornadoes have hit the Midwest for years. I recall the one in Joplin, Missouri in 2011 that swept through the town killing almost 160 people. And as I write this blog I hear that horrific tornadoes and storms are plaguing part of the United States even now.I personally have gone through several earthquakes, a volcano and a violent tornado that ripped through our small community.But Wilkerson says that, “this world had best prepare for weather changes that cannot be explained by any other word but “supernatural”.  (pgs 31 & 32)He states that an earthquake will hit the United States with such force that it will be “one of biggest news stories of  modern times.” (pg 32) He goes on to explain that supernatural events will take place in the heavens. “The haze hanging in the cosmos will turn the moon red and will cause periods of darkness over the earth—almost as though the sun refused to shine.” (pg 36)
  3. A Flood Filth
    It is definitely not the 1950s anymore when you watch Hollywood movies. Though technology is so much better these days most movies bring with it so much sexual content. It is difficult to keep our children innocent.Now remember, this was written in 1973 and published in 1974, yet in this chapter Wilkerson says that one day x-rated movies will be piped into hotel rooms through cable TV. And the average person will be able to get x-rated tapes and take them home. “These video tapes can be played on any TV set with an electronic attachment,” he states. (pg 47)Morality in the church will falter. There will be secret affairs amongst church leaders. He also mentions homosexuality and its acceptance into our communities. He states that when society treats it as normal and when the church no longer treats it as sin, chaos will follow.
  4. The Number One Youth Problem of the Future
    I have heard it said that all teenagers are rebellious; that is just part of being a teen.  First of all I don’t necessarily agree with that statement. But if in the past  being a teenager meant that you might skip school or sneak out at night, the future teen’s rebellion has a new meaning.Wilkerson states that the number one problem of the youth of tomorrow, which means of today, is hatred towards their parents. From the lack of supervision and parental examples to overbearing parents that are hypocritical — youth are left with no clear direction. He states that kids will try different types of drugs, marijuana will become legal, drinking will be on the rise but bitterness towards parents will increase, as well. And with that bitterness will come acts of hatred.“But watch out! The anger that led students to riot in the streets is still seething beneath the surface.” (pg 65) But he does speak hope too. Some kids will turn to the Lord in their emptiness. He ends the chapter by saying, “I see hope and miraculous cures in the midst of despair and confusion.” ( pg 74)
  5. Persecution Madness
    Once again remember that this was written in the early 70s. It was a time when being a Christian was not looked down upon. There was still open prayer in many institutions without opposition. The manger scene was acceptable in city parks without an outcry. And it was called “Christmas break” or “Easter break” instead of “Winter break ” and “Spring break”. Now we must be so politically correct.Though Wilkerson touches on the subjects of Hollywood mockery and government red tape he explains that a super church will also rise up to mock the “true Christ followers”.  There will be a season when those that have undergone severe persecution in other nations will have their moments of reprieve. Then all will break loose once again with persecution madness throughout the world.
  6.  God’s Message to the Unprepared
    Wilkerson asks the unprepared a question; What if?  What if all this is true? He goes through a few chapters in the book of Revelation regarding the last day judgments. And he ends with a call to Wake Up! What is happening to the world now is supernatural and there is no turning back. Unless you are on the Lord’s side, you connot survive. There is nothing but fear and despair for those who live selfishly without God.” (pg 172)
  7. Gods’ Message to the Prepared.
    To those prepared he also states to “Wake up”. But he adds several scriptures of  protection in the Lord. “The angel of the Lord encampteth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. Ps 34:7 (pg 117) And he ends with these five words; “God has everything under control!” (pg 121)

The final chapter is titled, “It’s Your Move”. It is what it states. Choose what you want to believe. He reminds us that Jesus loves us and only wants an honest heart.

This was an interesting read. I’ve written a few of the highlights from the book and added my finds. But honestly it is a book that makes you think about life: your past, your future. And then allows each of us to decide what we want.

Thanks for joining me and God bless.




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