A Blogger’s Testimony

We all have a testimony to share and I thought a fellow bloggers was worth passing on to others. He speaks from his heart. Too often we forget the joy we discovered when we became a follower of Christ. Hearing the revelation from another believer is inspiring. And the video that follows was uplifting as well. Be blessed.

I’m going through a season of growth at the moment and have been asking God to reveal those things that I lack spiritually when it comes to salvation and embracing everything He has for me in Christ. I’ve been a little confused in the area of Holy Spirit baptism, because although I often feel ‘filled with […]

via My Holy Spirit Baptism — Perfect Chaos

2 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Testimony

  1. Thanks for sharing my testimony, Beehopper! My prayer is that many people will seek after the gifts God has for them and experience the freedom that comes through repentance and baptism with water and the Holy Spirit. Perhaps some of your readers will check out the movie and it will change their lives!

    God bless you, my friend. Love and prayers 🙏🏻✝️❤️

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    1. Absolutely. It is encouraging to hear about other people’s lives and their growth in our Lord. Plus the video is dynamic especially during this season in which the world seems chaotic. God is still supreme.

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