I am ME.

Ambivert- a person whose personality has a balance of introvert and extrovert features.

I wondered where I stood in the introvert/extrovert personality label. It felt weird because there are occasions that I just want to be alone and other times when I hunger for a social setting. Would that be an ambivert? Most people are considered ambiverts.

I always thought that an introvert was someone who was shy and an extrovert was outgoing. But an introvert personality is actually a person who recharges their batteries by having alone time. A lot of socializing can be overwhelming and exhausting. It’s just the opposite for the extrovert. Their batteries are recharged by being amongst other people. So, there can be shy extroverts and social outgoing introverts. And those who are a mixture of both have been tagged an ambivert.

Depending on the circumstances I respond in different ways, like an ambivert would. For example: Sometimes I want to be the person that meets new individuals at social gatherings, and other times I don’t want to talk to anyone. I suppose it depends on the function I am attending.

Knowing the difference in other people really helps to understand those around me. I understand why my husband will retire in the bedroom when our house has been filled with a lot of people. I understand why he had a hard time at Disneyland. Though he went (God bless him) it was a strain. I, on the other hand, though I would have liked to not wait in lines that seemed to take an eternity, enjoyed the crowds. I liked hearing the laughter, the people walking around me, the festivities. Crowds frustrate him, yet you can put him in front of a group of people and he has no trouble teaching on a subject he loves. I hate public speaking.

I understand my youngest who always wants a party at our house. She loves being around people and her batteries get recharged with social activities. When she was little, she told a few of the moms at her dance class that she was organizing a dance theme in the park. I had no idea. They approached me about it. I’m like, “no”.

Because she is an extrovert (gets her batteries recharged around socializing) yet can be shy, there were some difficult moments. She craved to socialize, yet had a hard time approaching new people. Her nephew on the other hand, who is the same age, is a social extrovert. He loves mixing in with a crowd and often when I would take them to a park when they were little, he would be seen running around with “new friends”. My daughter would watch him wishing she was more bold. One day at the park when my grandson, who was only 4 at the time, ended up with a bunch of middle school kids who were hanging out. I had to make him come back to me. He just craved to be a part of whatever was happening.

So what charges my batteries?

I do not always like to be alone. I would not enjoy going out to a movie alone, or eating out alone. I enjoy activity around me. I don’t even like the thought of living off the grid or even living in a very small town, though I have. And I would never make plans to get away to a cabin in the woods for a vacation, unless there were others to share it with me and plans were made.

There are times when being alone recharges my batteries and there are other times when socializing recharges my batteries. I guess I would be considered an ambivert, right?

But at the end of the day I do like to be alone with my thoughts. And when I get an opportunity I like to get away from everyone and write and sometimes even paint, or read a book. Quiet moments to just think, give me peace.

If I HAD to choose one, I would say that I am a social introvert.  I love to socialize; do not want to miss out on any get-togethers. That is why if I go to a new church I want to quickly get involved. As soon as I start a new job I like to connect with those like-minded. And when I move into a new community, I want to get to know the neighbors (somewhat). LOL

What recharges your batteries?

Bottom line: It doesn’t really matter. I am who God created me to be. We each have different visions, different goals, different personalities. And the amazing thing is that we are all created in the image of God.


For the Lord Most High is awesome, the great King over all the earth. Ps 47:2 NIV

There are as many mixtures of personalities and cultures and circumstances then there are fingerprints that match. We simply cannot be tagged and put in any box (although it certainly helps to understand one another). We each are a mystery created in the likeness of our Lord. There is no one else just like me, nor you.

I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” PS 139:14 NIV

I am ME.



7 thoughts on “I am ME.

  1. I like to socialize, but find I get bored quickly. That’s why I avoid any family get togethers. Or if I do go to one, I make sure I drive myself, so I can exit easily. Also too many people around me and I can’t concentrate on what anyone is saying.
    I’m also an artist, and love to be creative, so that does mean being alone most often. I used to cry because I was so lonely, but realized that’s something to cherish.

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    1. Ed, that sounds marvelous. God created you to create like he does. He can’t help but create. I’m sure he finds it fascinating to to watch you follow in his footsteps.


  2. This was really very eye opening to me regarding who you are. It’s funny, but because of the institutional way we grew up together, we had our own groups. I didn’t always understand our differences. I believe I am an introverted extrovert. I NEED a social life with activity and friends, but I love to regroup by myself… off grid works for me… will always live in a small town…. love vacations in a cabin in the woods…. and traveling alone suits me… movies, dinner alone doesn’t bother me at all. Please remember I invited you to go with me to Paris and when you turned me down … I went to Paris all by myself. A most wonderful experience. I love you more each day as I see that our differences didn’t divide us. You n me…. beloved sisters forever. I love you!

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    1. I think about how you went to Paris alone and it amazes me. I so wish it had been a time in my life where I could have shared it with you. We would have laughed hysterically. As I have aged I haved learned to appreciate you more. I am grateful for the intimate times only we have shared. We are are so different yet hold a a familiar bond. I just watched Frozen II, and like the first movie I cried because of the sacrificial love between sisters were so different yet so close. It reminded me of you. Do you want to build a snowman?


  3. Beth, and I like you being you! I enjoy reading your blog and hearing what God is teaching you. And, I like to hear from you on my blog, too. God did make you special.
    “But an introvert personality is actually a person who recharges their batteries by having alone time. A lot of socializing can be overwhelming and exhausting.”
    – This is me! I love being with people, but I get tired if I am with people too much. I wouldn’t want to live by myself. I like having family nearby. But, the ministry God has called me to requires me to have a lot of alone time, so he made me this way for I don’t mind spending hours upon hours alone writing. I am perfectly content being alone a lot, but I wouldn’t want to be alone all the time, but I would if I had to.
    So, God made you the way you are so he could use you the way in which he has gifted you and made you. And, I am grateful he did, for you have a lot to offer.

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