David Wilkerson’s Warning for The Assembly of God: Sadly unheeded!

I came upon this blog post quite by accident but feel it is definitely worth blogging. The Christian church should take note of the warnings, as should we individually. God bless.

True Discernment

Update 3/18/2015: Another 100,000+ views of this article since the last update in 2014 by far surpassing any other article on this website.

Update 03/09/2014: This article has been up for almost six years, it has been up so long that it’s original source has deleted the web page where it was located. For the entire time  that this article has been up except for the last week or so there was moderate viewing of the article. However in the last week this article alone has been viewed over 100,000 times. And that high viewership has not abated.  I personally believe that God is trying to speak to people! And usually when God is revealing something to people in a very strong way, it means that something is on the way, and Christians need to be awake and prepared for it.

“People don’t like to hear this, but…

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